Guild Locations in SOTA

In Game info about us:

- We have our metropolis guild only town Verat Chaos which is located on the over-world map just east of Central Brittany with ship connections to all the Brittany locations. We have two public sets of crafting tables and all the devotionals available in town. We also have our second guild only town Organized Chaos Sanctum which is used for large houses and large events which include charity fairs for the Aerie Fund.

-We have open guild vendor locations for our members to use in New Britannia Market, New Heaven, Novia Market, Ordinis Mortis, Kahli, Dawn's Keep, and Beran's Reach. 


- We have a guild house in Organized Chaos Sanctum which is open to all members with shared storage and plenty of space for someone without a house to use if they need. We have multiple Inns available for new players as well closer to the town entrance.
 For any other questions, or to get an invite, you can contact any or all of the following people in game:

Andartianna Zazeriz
Randbo TheStud

Taikee Vetrae

Morpheus Memnoch

Jesper Daelin