About Us

A Little Bit About Our History

- We have a history of being a guild/alliance/organization/clan in many games over 10+ years now, with the same set of leaders the entire time and many veteran members.
- Every new game we play we pick up some new members, every game we finish playing we lose some members, so our numbers are always in a little bit of flux depending on the games currently being played. We have membership of anywhere from 100-500 at any given time, averaging around 130 active people across different games playing under the OrC tag.
- We have enjoyed success as an alliance in various browser based strategy games such as Lord of Ultima (where we ran 4 alliances of 100 members each and took all 4 to win the endgame) and it's remake Crown of the Gods. - We have members that play all kinds of online multiplayer games and some that hose servers in those games. Some of the popular ones right now are Rocket League, 7 Days to Die, Ark: Survival, Shroud of the Avatar, and Crown of the Gods, to name a few

About our Off-Game Features

- We have a event calendars and Discord channels accessible from our website and open to all, with channels for a number of games as well as SotA, so there is usually someone to chat with even if not in this game. Everyone is friendly and likes to introduce new people to different games. The server has moderators who can create/edit channels for new games as needed, as well as making sure the chat stays respectful and helping people set up push to talk and etc. 

Our Style of Game Play

 - We play mostly casual in the sense that we don't require anyone to play a specific role or do anything specific that they wouldn't normally do on their own, we like having all types of characters and players.

- We play competitively in the sense that we enjoy grouping up and pushing the limits of the game content to see what we can accomplish. Whether that's bosses, control points, or just exploring a new zone, we enjoy grouping up and seeing how well we can do in any given area with the people we have.

- We work together to support all members. We have many crafters who are focusing in different areas in order to help out the guild. We have crafters in all of the production skills, as well as people who focus more on gathering and refining. There are people who focus mainly on making armor or weapons of different types, and then different people who will masterwork those pieces, and different people that will enchant it. Everyone contributes and works together as a team towards bringing up the group. (again, we don't force anyone to participate in this, and someone who wants to do all gathering and production on their own is welcome to do so as well and will still get help from us where we can, it just goes much faster working as a team)

- We do a lot PvE stuff right now with regularly scheduled guild adventure nights on Wednesdays as well as many people open for adventure everyday. We have a lot of people actively PvPing all over and we have a weekly PVP outing and practice every Tuesday.

- We play in all types of modes online and friends depending on the requirements of the adventure.